The Background Music

Ina Porselius

Welcome to the opening on Friday 25 August, 5-8pm. We cook, we clean, then we cook again, then we clean again. I’m a chef, I’d never want to be anything else. I feel comfortable. I make children happy. The children make me happy. I think and I dream. My hands are working, it’s routine. The […]

A zine is a Zine is a Zine

Take 10 Press

“One publishes to find comrades!” André Breton A zine is a zine is a zine is a celebration of printed matter, specifically the format of the zine. The zine is an incredibly unique format in the realm of self-publishing due to its accessibility in terms of engagement and materials. From June 16th-21st Take 10 Press […]


HDK Valand MA Craft students First year

Students from the MA program in Craft at HDK Valand presents metamorfos. Opening: Thursday 16-20 Open: Friday 14-18h, Saturday 12-18h, Sunday 12-16h Participating students: Alexandra Hedberg Alva Markusson Ann-Maj Risgaard Irys Kluska Katla Runarsdottir Klara Lord Kristina Zetko Lana Leon Lena Milicevic Lucky Huang Malin Mattebo Maria Widegren Sofie Alm Nordsveen Sofie Karlsson Tobias Berntsson

Until then, some kind of wild

Adrián Espinós Ferrero & Daniel Vincent Hansen

Gallery BOX presents an exhibition exploring two possible futures in Until then, some kind of wild where infrared photography contrasts with an ecosystem of sculptures. An otherworldly natural world occupies the space and shows us where we could be headed. Curated by Hannah Giles. Adrián Espinós Ferrero (Alicante, 1985) lives and works in Malmö since […]

Dödskult boende i Gbg söktes

Christoph Mügge och Sebastian Mügge

“Dödskult boende i Gbg söktes” is an immersive experience that represents a home of a fictitious, deceased and forgotten person from Gothenburg, with an abundance of remains that are mostly irrelevant details for the ones who where not in a close relation. One encounters larger collections of all sorts of objects such as souvenirs from […]

didn’t see it coming

Hanna Antonsson

Hanna Antonsson uses kinetic sculpture and photography with bird taxidermy as the main material in her artistic practice. With sculptural and photographic hybrids, she investigates the meeting between animal and machine. The bird’s wing is a recurring motif that constantly meets new materials and that she herself works to preserve. All the birds in the […]

Common Good(s)

Simon Gran

For a long time, I have been more and more inspired by the public space. I work with sculptures and installations made of found materials from various places that I have stayed in over the past few years. By reconstructing and reshaping the material’s meaning and use, I look for a language in the everyday, […]

Open Call 2024


The Open Call for 2024 is now closed. Gallery BOX is currently seeking applications for exhibitions in 2024. All artistic expressions are welcome to apply. We accept applications from groups and solo artists, only in exceptional cases do we accept proposals from curators. Please note that we do not exhibit artists that are full-time students […]