Common Good(s)

Simon Gran

For a long time, I have been more and more inspired by the public space. I work with sculptures and installations made of found materials from various places that I have stayed in over the past few years. By reconstructing and reshaping the material’s meaning and use, I look for a language in the everyday, a way to try to translate my ideas about exclusion and urban planning while asking questions about our alienated society. At Galleri Box, I present burnt tables, a broken bicycle rack that has been powder coated in a clear color, carpets with asphalt motifs, window film that looks like repaired panes. Everything is material I found or ideas that arose from something I saw in public space, some works are based on photography from places I recreate.

Simon Gran Danielsson b. 1986 in Kämpersvik, lives and works in Umeå, Sweden. Simon is part the board for the artist run space Verkligheten in Umeå. He has a Master in fine arts from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden, and took his Bacheleor in Contemporary art, at the Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing in Tromsø Norway 2015.