Time Capsule

Lu Pingyuan

Time Capsule is a presentation of Chinese artist Lu Pingyuan’s work process during his stay in Gothenburg as IASPIS fellow. In order to explore new ways of exhibition production and to remove himself from the standard practices of showing exhibitions of contemporary art in China today, Lu has chosen to present his work in the […]

Johanna Heldebro & Charlotta Klingström

Johanna Heldebro and Charlotta Klingström

Duo exhibition with photographer Johanna Heldebro – To Come Within Reach of You… and ceramicist Charlotta Klingström – There´s somthing I´ve meant to say    

The Vegetable Lamb and Other Ravishing Stories from the Past

Ida Pettersson

The exhibition by Ida Petterssons has associations to science, falsehood and the creation of myths with tragic outcome. There are romantic streaks with a longing for nature where stories from a distant past surfaces and intermix with ideas about contemporary life. One of the stories takes departure in the myth about The Vegetable Lamb, half […]

Kinesisk samtidskonst – Hur ska vi gå vidare? del II

Konstnärspresentation av Lu Pingyuan och Hu Yun, CN   Fredag 7 oktober kl. 18.30–20.30 På fredag 7 oktober diskuterar höstens IASPIS-stipendiat Lu Pingyuan och Shanghaibaserade konstnären Hu Yun sina konstnärskap samt villkoren för att verka som konstnär i dagens Kina. Diskussionen leds av Biljana Ciric, co-curatorn på Manchester Asia Triennale 2011. Lu Pingyuan kommer senare […]

GREECE. Unexpected pasts and frantic futures

A slideshow travel narrative exploring life and ritual then and now starring Sophy Naess, Matthew Lutz Kinoy, and a host of figurative and utilitarian sculptures in locations sacred and otherwise. Highlighting sculptural traditions, archaeological arguments, artistic concerns, and civil unrest. Beginning and ending at the Palace of Knossos. The slideshow starts at 19.30h on Friday […]


BOXENNIAL is an exhibition inspired by contemporary art biennales and past times spring exhibitions and salons. 23 artists are invited to participate in this exhibition that is a side-step from Galleri Box regular programming which often have the formats of solo or group exhibitions. Participating Artists: Rebecca Burkhalter Johanna Willenfelt Tomas Ferm Tommy Sveningsson Anna […]

Friends He Lost at Sea

Henrik Lund Jørgensen

Isn’t it rather, all things considered, that I remain suspended on this question, whose answer I tirelessly seek in the others face: what am I worth? Honoré de Balzac In his exhibition Friends He Lost at Se, the Danish artist Henrik Lund Jørgensen borrows motifs and compositions from the Skagen painter  Michael Anchers famous works: […]

WORKSHOP: Guerrilla Girls

In the end of April 2011, the American artist group Guerrilla Girls held a workshop at Box where local artist had a chance to present their projects and get personal feedback from the two founding members Frida Kahlo and Kate Kollwitz. The workshop was part of the groups Nordic tour and was organized in collaboration with […]


Otto Mogren

In the exhibition “Limboland”, Otto Mogren presents sculptures and images. Enigmatic pieces create a scenographic experience of a parallel world, where lost souls of cats intermingle with a lobotomized poodle. The fog thickens but that doesn’t stop Yolanda and her astral body from finishing their duties. Limboland is the first solo exhibition by Otto Mogren […]

Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry

Kihlberg and Henry’s practice aims to capture uncertainties of the present and generate an unstable perception of time. They explore subjective understandings and non-linear narrative as a method to see an event from alternative angles and perspectives. Kihlberg and Henry’s practice is not bound to any particular medium, but they are drawn instead to finding […]

Samtal: Stina Lundberg Dabrowski möter Petra Bauer

Petra Bauer

Talk: Stina Lundberg Dabrowski meets Petra Bauer Stina Lundberg Dabrowski is probably the Swedish journalist that has interviewed most internationally successful politicians and culture personalities for TV. In her video, the artist Petra Bauer has used this experience and professionalism to through performance shape questions concerning copyright, the writing of history and political film production. […]