Open Call – BOX goes thematic

Galleri BOX

Gallery BOX is currently seeking applications for exhibitions in 2025. In this Open Call we welcome artists based on two different themes. In the spring of 2025 the theme is Painting/drawing and in the autumn the theme is Abundance. Applicants specify the theme in the application form.  BOX accepts applications from groups and solo artists, only […]

Marcus Jonsson och Henrik Lund Jørgensen

Marcus Jonsson och Henrik Lund Jørgensen

The exhibition MARKEN (“the ground”) gives insight into the work of two artists, who have, and have had a life circulating around agriculture, living in the countryside. MARKEN tells us about an underrepresented theme in contemporary art. Marcus Jonsson grew up in Bergsjön in Gothenburg and in addition to his work as an artist, he […]



Nature is full of processes and relations that are strange, grotesque and queer. Bodies fuelled by fluids – blood and sap – are animated by lethal energies and uncanny desires. The taste of our fingers lingers on the leaf of the newly plucked herb, as we pull it from the dirt. The flora is alien, […]