Saying it with a tulip

HDK Valand MA Craft students First year

MA1 Craft HDK-Valand exhibiting at gallery boxJewellery, Ceramic and Textile art Vernissage 30 May 17-20h Opening hoursThursday 30/513-17h Friday 31/516 -19h Saturday 1/612-16h Artist Talk:Oktawian BOHDZIEWICZ14-15h Sunday 2/612-16h Workshops:“Body: Jewellery and Clay”Shiyao SUN and Marie VERGER14-15h With our group show; Saying it with a tulip we want to celebrate with you one year of investigation into materials, […]

Marcus Jonsson och Henrik Lund Jørgensen

Marcus Jonsson och Henrik Lund Jørgensen

The exhibition MARKEN (“the ground”) gives insight into the work of two artists, who have, and have had a life circulating around agriculture, living in the countryside. MARKEN tells us about an underrepresented theme in contemporary art. Marcus Jonsson grew up in Bergsjön in Gothenburg and in addition to his work as an artist, he […]



Nature is full of processes and relations that are strange, grotesque and queer. Bodies fuelled by fluids – blood and sap – are animated by lethal energies and uncanny desires. The taste of our fingers lingers on the leaf of the newly plucked herb, as we pull it from the dirt. The flora is alien, […]


Tansiyu Chen

Welcome to the opening on Friday the 22 of March, 17.00-20.00h. “Chain” is the pronunciation of my surname, and my constant artistic topic of life without freedom. I use the term to capture the complex experiences of being a Chinese woman. Obstacles and discrimination have always been part of our lives. Rather than facing them […]

Open Call – BOX goes thematic

Galleri BOX

Gallery BOX is currently seeking applications for exhibitions in 2025. In this Open Call we welcome artists based on two different themes. In the spring of 2025 the theme is Painting/drawing and in the autumn the theme is Abundance. Applicants specify the theme in the application form.  BOX accepts applications from groups and solo artists, only […]

Paler Ash

Emanuel Cederqvist & Sean Gardiner

Opening and book launch Friday 26/4, 17-20h. Paler Ash traces the changing fate of the ash tree following the onset of ash dieback, a fungal disease originating from Asia which is currently spreading throughout Europe, posing a serious threat to the species future. The European ash is a deciduous tree native across much of the […]

Johan Lundin – Pool World

Johan Lundin

Water is captivating. Living things are drawn to water and they often settle where there is access to water, water gives life and is vital for survival. Water can be both life-giving and devastating. PoolWorld is based on an imagined reality where fictitious dolphins run a water theme park where shows are arranged of people moving […]