Saying it with a tulip

HDK Valand MA Craft students First year

MA1 Craft HDK-Valand exhibiting at gallery box
Jewellery, Ceramic and Textile art

Vernissage 30 May 17-20h

Opening hours
Thursday 30/5

Friday 31/5
16 -19h

Saturday 1/6

Artist Talk:

Sunday 2/6

“Body: Jewellery and Clay”
Shiyao SUN and Marie VERGER

With our group show; Saying it with a tulip we want to celebrate with you one year of investigation into materials, techniques and ideas. We meet in this exhibition from three perspectives of craft; Jewellery Art, Textile Art and Ceramic Art. Together in this joint master program in Craft we are given the opportunity to look beyond our chosen materials and into the methods and processes of our fellow students and together we create a common understanding through the making and that is the true power of Craft!

Our spring exhibition will present the limitations and possibility of materials, color investigations, embodiment of heritage and the relation between body and adornment. Resulting in sculptures, objects, weaves, embroidery and film.

We are 13 craft artists showing you some of the results of our first year of the master program.
Welcome to our spring exhibition and hoping to see you in the future!

All our love,

MA1 Craft HDK-Valand:

Elena Aldrighetti (Jewelry), Zara Arnell (Textile), Oktawian Dawid Bohdziewicz (Ceramic), Gum Lina Gabrielsson (Textile), Klara Helin (Textile), Emma Holmgren (Textile), Karolina Konarska (Ceramic), Malin Lidén (Ceramic), Maria Östblom (Textile), Effers Anni Rickardsson (Ceramic) Shiyao Sun (Jewelry), Marie Verger (Ceramic), Shen Zhang (Jewelry)