Jan Lütjohann

In connection with his current exhibition Centers of Gravity, Jan Lütjohann will host workshops which combine carving wood and the kind of freeform conversation that happens when the hands are busy. At the workshop participants (learn to) use basic knives, carve wooden sticks collected in the city, and sharpen the knives with stones that can […]

Centers of Gravity

Jan Lütjohann

Welcome to the opening on Friday the 26 th of August, 17-20h. Whoever carries something becomes one with the thing being carried. Bodies that evolved to move themselves lightly through the landscape are straining with packs, bags and parcels. At once enabling and burdening, the objects at the center of these endless logistics are both […]

som sten

Jenny Käll

Through a site- and material-driven practice, Jenny Käll works with sculpture and installation with elements of text and video. Her work revolves around the human relationship and approach to materials, other beings, and landscapes. In a poetic play on the border between object and body, figurative and abstract, constant and fleeting, different materials are allowed […]

Futurum Exaktum

Nils Ekman

In a perpetual flow of frenetic creation, the organic unites with the inorganic, the hard with the soft, the dead with the living. The Garden of Earthly Delights (1490–1510) by Hieronymus Bosch has been interpreted by art historians as a prophetic vision of how God’s creation is distorted by the destructive potency of mankind. The painting can thus be […]

Open Call 2023


Would you like to exhibit at BOX?  Application period is now closed.Applications could be made between first of March and first of April, 2022.More info and application form was avalible at the website for BOX Open Call.

Interpretive drift

Jenny Åkerlund

When viewing a bright surface, a snow covered landscape or a clear sky, thin lines or shadows can be seen moving slowly in the field of view. These so called floaters, visual traces of the aging eye, and the subjective mediation of the field of vision they give rise to, works as a starting point […]

Polar Inertia

Samuel Brzeski

In “Polar Inertia”, two new melodramatic multi-media installation works in video and sound are shown at Galleri Box. Texts sourced from various online forums are rhythmically set to a musical soundtrack of hard techno, heavy metal, speedcore, and vaporwave. With narratives unfolding across multiple monitors, the screen itself is seen as a sculptural object in […]