Jan Lütjohann

In connection with his current exhibition Centers of Gravity, Jan Lütjohann will host workshops which combine carving wood and the kind of freeform conversation that happens when the hands are busy. At the workshop participants (learn to) use basic knives, carve wooden sticks collected in the city, and sharpen the knives with stones that can found in the surroundings. The technology used in the workshops is also essential to the exhibition.

The workshops do not require technical skill and are suitable also for beginners. However, the work with sharp tools requires that participants agree to follow safety instructions. The workshops are free of charge, the working language is English.

The workshops will take place on 28/8, 11/9 and 26/9 from 13 to 15. Up to six participants can sign up by

With support from IASPIS – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international Programme for Visual and Applied Arts.