Cash BOX digital

Cash BOX

This year’s edition of Gallery BOX annual exhibition CashBOX is happening digitally via our instagram. As usual, anyone can participate in CashBOX with 1 work that is for sale for a maximum of SEK 1,000.All participants become members of our association and pay SEK 100 to register, when you become a member you also get […]

Beyond Your World

Jacqueline Forzelius

Are there rooms you can, but you shouldn’t or dare to visit? A miniature model of a room stands in a relation to an idea of a world, therefore it can never be contextless. The room can be a way to give us perspective or a deeper understanding that can easier be reached when looking […]

In This Country, Comrade (a collation)

Annika Lundgren

the piece  In This Country, Comrade (a collation) / I Detta Land, Kamrat (en kollationering) is a reading performed by three voices and three bodies in a scenography. The relationship between the readings, which will fill the gallery space each Sunday during the exhibition period, and the otherwise deserted set design encapsulates the thematic gap […]