Slice of One Another

Erika Stöckel

Slice of one another is a silent moment. A scene in the gap where something has already happened and something else is about to continue. With apathy, I have dissected my repetitive forms. Like a restart where I took it apart to find new ways to glue it back together. A Sami family history, marked […]

Skytteföreningen Sierra

Andreas Sandberg and Adam Haugbak

Skytteföreningen Sierra (Sierra Rifle Club) is an artistic project run in the form of a free non-profit association. The project is initiated by artists Andreas Sandberg and Adam Haugbak. The association invites active and passive participation from surroundings, people, and others in the exploration of images and mechanisms informed by the act of aiming and […]

Performance week


BOX annually arranges a continuous series of performances, often in the summer but this year it takes place during the autumn. The program is curated by members of the BOX board and presented via BOX social media, newsletters and website. In previous years, BOX has presented Sparkplug (Kolbrún Inga Söring and Sam Message), Rasmus Raphaëlle […]