Welcome to participate with works of art that will be for sale during the exhibition Friday Dec 15th 6-9pm and Saturday Dec 16th 12-4pm. Cash Box is a two day exhibition where artists will show works costing less than 1000 SEK. All proceeds goes direct to the artist. Work should be delivered to the gallery […]

Performance: Children of the revolution?

Karin Sandberg and Vilda Kvist

Welcome Saturday December 16th at 2pm. In their first collaboration, the two artists Karin Sandberg and Vilda Kvist note the ideas of the future seen from the eyes of the coming generation. Through interviews and writing workshops the artists have gained insight to the reflections and observations of youths.  The artists weave the questions and […]

The Superorganism

Aganetha Dyck, Anja Carr, Dominique Rey, Laura White, Linda Tedsdotter and Yngvild Saeter

With sculpture as a starting point, the exhibition becomes a cross section where artistic practices that in different ways address space, the object and materiality, exist in synergy. The artworks act as embodiments of questions as well as responses to different cultural and natural phenomena; bronies, cruisers, cars, society, power, bees, materiality, the universe, what […]

Artist Talk

Laura White

On Wednesday 6-7pm participating artist Laura White will give an Artist Talk in collaboration with Akademin Valand Vasagatan 50 Galleri Box in collaboration with Valand Academy presents an artist talk with Laura White. While in Göteborg, White will create a site specific work “Second” and a new text work “Spillage” for the group exhibition: The […]

Dumky Dog Show

Christian Dumky

(((ALL DOGS CAN PARTICIPATE ))) To participate and get a time slot to show your dog to the jury, take a picture of your dog and send it to >> or via FB name Christian Dumky. The Judging will take place from 12 noon until 3pm. The final and award ceremony is at 3-4pm […]

Something good needs to happen II

Meira Ahmemulic

  Something good needs to happen Artist Meira Ahmemulic draws frequent inspiration from her upbringing in the Gothenburg suburb of Angered and the contradictions in Swedish society surrounding class, language, immigration, work and racism. Her exhibition “Något fint måste hända II” draws on her own history and that of her family. It juxtaposes two dreams: […]

It Starts with a Rain of Gold

Therese Parner

During the GIBCA Extended Opening Reception Wednesday September 6th  the artist Therese Parner was in conversation with Box board member and artist Josefina Posch. It begins with a golden rain It takes a body to shape a body, presence. The vital machinery that carries the jittery soul forth, the body. It spreads itself out into an […]

One for each vibration

Adel Szakacs

The main installation at Galleri BOX consists mostly of the magnetic tape from mixed music audio cassetts that have been cut up into a site-specific work. The second installation in the smaller room of the gallery is more of a time-specific work with references to traces of something fragile and the will to hold on […]


Johanna Bruckner

Performers: Ingeborg Zackariassen, Adele St-Aubin, Felix Skalberg; choreography: Johanna Bruckner in collaboration with the performers. The finance-driven deregulation of buildings in Gothenburg’s Eriksberg and the subsequent reorganisation of production conditions are the main focus of this performance. Johanna Bruckner: REAL TIME UTOPIAS Gallery Box presents Johanna Bruckner’s solo exhibition REAL TIME UTOPIAS from March 31st […]

BOX at Supermarket Art Fair

Paul Hage Boutros

Come and visit us at Supermarket Art Fair 2017 in Stockholm. Paul Hage Boutrous – Chorale of the intimate The theme of Supermarket 2017 is intimacy. In relation to the theme, Galleri Box has chosen to present the Gothenburg based artist Paul Hage Boutros. The core of Hage Boutros practice revolves around the thematics of […]

Copy Copy Copy

Simon Rydén and Hanne Mago Wiklund

Gallery Box presents the duo exhibition Copy copy copy with Hanne Mago Wiklund and Simon Rydén. Through our open-call the gallery board gets introduced to numerous interesting artists, many of which we previously did not know and others more familiar. It is a great opportunity for us to discover new contexts and tendencies amongst the […]

The Views

Vanja Sandell Billström

[I’m] a flâneuse who never leaves her apartment. / Moyra Davey Notiser från arbetsbok: – In her film ”Notes on Blue” (2015) Moyra Davey wanders around her apartment with a headset in her ear. The film is a response to the film ”Blue” (1993) by Derek Jarman and on her walk through her home she […]