It Starts with a Rain of Gold

Therese Parner

During the GIBCA Extended Opening Reception Wednesday September 6th  the artist Therese Parner was in conversation with Box board member and artist Josefina Posch.

It begins with a golden rain

It takes a body to shape a body, presence. The vital machinery that carries the jittery soul forth, the body. It spreads itself out into an abstract landscape. Here the sculptures rests, like the objects they are, born by another mother in their material. Like islands and lookouts. Beyond worry, still just still. Things to view in a new light, a golden rain.

Stockholm based artist Theres Parner´s exhibition “ It begins with a golden rain” encompasses stoneware sculptures in which the points of contact exists in the making of and the body as a physical form but also on a more symbolic level. The body´s wordless communication in gestures and actions. The sculptures contains a search for the body as a more fleeing form, falling out of your hands.

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