Kolbrún Inga Söring and Sam Message

Sparkplug is going to kickstart a new era of LGBTQ+ culture in Gothenburg. This week-long festival is made by LGBTQ+ people for LGBTQ+ people. The festival is all about coming together, making together and claiming space together.  LGBTQ+ life in Gothenburg is fractured. We are splintered across lines of class, racialisation, ability, age, sexuality and […]

Nora Adwan – Defragmentation

Nora Adwan

” At night I would see a crocodile wandering on the wall of our house. Whenever I wanted to get out of the door, leave, the crocodile rushed over the wall to the door and I was too afraid to go out.” Defragmentation is a series of pieces working with the idea of inherited trauma, […]

Johan Österholm – The Stars Below

Johan Österholm

Over the course of four and a half billion years, Earth has evolved into the planet we know today. If one had been able to map the changing surface of the planet and seen these gradual geological changes—the incremental shift of continents, protrusion of mountain ranges, and the changing level of the ocean, for instance—one […]


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