Lean Sic Sigma

Fanny Wickström

Lean Sic Sigma is an unsupervised approach that seeks to impair performance by never eliminating waste and defects. It is the opposite of the slippery bench at the airport that urges you to hurry on and leave room for the next customer, and it mocks your desperate attempts to utilise every space for maximum efficiency. Lean Sic Sigma is a time thief that misuses knowledge and always carves with a dull knife. It is the tangle of anonymous cords underneath the hot-desk. 

Lean Sic Sigma is populated by artefacts existing somewhere in-between form, function and pun. They were left behind in the open plan office when the plan came to include both the space outside and within. Although I struggle to remember the significance and utility of these objects, they leave me with a familiar feeling, like the smell of McDonald’s or the rust coloured water of an inland lake I have not visited since childhood.

Fanny Wickström’s practice is concerned with the commodification of bodies and experiences and she is interested in this society’s obsession with success and performance. Her work is an exploration of the (lack of) balance between work and leisure, how much of “our” identities are consciously or subconsciously tied to the work we perform, and by what methods we can articulate feelings of alienation or discontent within an entrepreneurial and self-realised system. 

Fanny Wickström (b.1986 in Stockholm) lives and works in Glasgow, UK.