BOX Art Walk – Kulturnatta

Come to Box Art Walk and explore four great exhibitions within walking distance! We walk between the venues, receive brief presentations of the exhibitions by hosts and in some cases exhibiting artists!

BOX Art Walk

Gallery BOX will host an Art Walk on Wednesday 18 September. Together we visit four exhibitions within walking distance of each other starting at Gallery 54 on Kastellgatan 7, at 16.30.

The Commissioned Drawings

José Luis Martinat

Welcome to the opening reception at Friday the 29th 17-20!    

Watery Eyes

Tomas Sinkevicius/Viltė Bražiūnaitė and Hanna Husberg

Watery Eyes – Hanna Husberg, Tomas Sinkevičius and Viltė Bražiūnaitė April 26 – May 26 We watch the sky; the sun hotter than ever. Warm dust sparkles and glows, tingles our throats, as our hands rub blood-hot eyes. A grey stripe at the horizon closes upon us from above. With dusk the air grows red. […]

Det är vad det är

Olof Marsja & Kristina Lindberg

Welcome to the opening Friday at 5-8 pm!    

Marking a Shift

Maria Andersson and Nancy Atakan

The exhibition Marking a Shift looks for traces of past cultural exchange. It uses methods of serendipity, unplanned and fortunate discoveries, while bringing the past to the present and anticipating the future through a contextualized form of collaboration. The artists, Maria Andersson and Nancy Atakan, started collaborating with collective research in 2012 when they discovered their […]

Ear Channel & Lion 

Sara Wolfert

(/The Waking of the Sleeping Lion Ear) BOX presents Sara Wolfert’s mixed media installation Ear Channel & Lion (/The Waking of the Sleeping Lion Ear), a work conceived together with an interest in a copyright court case that ended uniquely and unusually just. At the center of the case stood a song, most commonly known, […]