Kolbrún Inga Söring and Sam Message

Sparkplug is going to kickstart a new era of LGBTQ+ culture in Gothenburg. This week-long festival is made by LGBTQ+ people for LGBTQ+ people. The festival is all about coming together, making together and claiming space together. 

LGBTQ+ life in Gothenburg is fractured. We are splintered across lines of class, racialisation, ability, age, sexuality and gender identity. Throughout Sparkplug’s week-long programme we’re going to be putting on a mouth-watering smörgåsbord of workshops, events and screenings produced by and for people from across a broad spectrum of our community.

We need space in this city that is really ours. That’s why throughout the festival’s workshops and activities we will continuously transform the gallery. Day by day we will claim it together.

Sparkplug is the culmination of a year long project, developed and undertaken by Status Queer and its network of leading artists and community builders from Gothenburg and across the Nordic and Baltic regions, The Queer Agenda

Status Queer is a non-profit determined to build an inclusive and sustainable LGBTQ+ community in Gothenburg by producing exciting and regular LGBTQ+ culture year round. From This is the Queer Bar and Sjukt warehouse parties to performance courses and diversity education in schools to Festivals such as Sparkplug and ENQUEERY:Festival of Queer Curiosity – we’re really about to get them juices flowing. So get ready and let’s break some norms together 🔥🔥🔥

To keep up to date on all the exciting programme points and announcements about Sparkplug, follow us on instagram @wearestatusqueer.

Are you LGBTQ+ and want to get involved someway or another? Check out our website or get in touch with us via

We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re doing it everyday of the year! Join the kamp <3 

Här finns länkar till hela programmet!


🔥 Rebellkonst [2021-08-16, 09.00-17.00]: 

🌱 Ickebinära teckningsdrömmar [2021-08-17, 13:00-17:00]:

❄️ Eskimo Diva: Snacka med SAQMI [2021-08-17, 18.00-21.00]: 

💪 Korsa gränser [2021-08-18, 16.00-21.00]: 

Serieworkshop [2021-08-19, 10:00-12:00]:

🧵 Broderikod [2021-08-19, 13.00-17.00]: 

👅 Ett smakprov av drag [2021-08-20, 13.30-17.30]: 

🎤 Speech Karaoke! [2021-08-20, 18.00-22.00]: 

☕ Café Sparkplug [2021-08-21, 09.00-13.00]: 

💃 Uttryck dig själv med Vogue [2021-08-21, 14.00-16.00]: 

🐟 Den lilla sjömänniskan [2021-08-22, 10.00-12.00]: 

🎉 Finissage [2021-08-22, 13.00-19.00]: