Nora Adwan – Defragmentation

Nora Adwan

” At night I would see a crocodile wandering on the wall of our house. Whenever I wanted to get out of the door, leave, the crocodile rushed over the wall to the door and I was too afraid to go out.”

Defragmentation is a series of pieces working with the idea of inherited trauma, that the trauma of refugee parents is continued in the children born in the West. Adwan works with finding connections between the experiences of the parents and the childhood nightmares of their children as well as exploring the grey zones between memory and dreams.

The exhibition is in two parts: Pomegranates, a multichannel sound work with ceramics and video installation Shifting Inheritance with sound design by Eva Pfitzenmaier.

Nora Adwan is a multi-disciplinary artist working with sculptural techniques, video and photography and text. In addition to her solo practice, Nora works with a range of other practitioners, for example, artists, social scientists, dancers, in collaborative projects.  She uses technology to drive change and movement in the pieces, so that they have the element of time, or a sense of aliveness.”