Cecilia Sterner

BLAST FROM THE PAST is a series of experimental installations that explore our memory loss and inability to get the big picture. They are built with paper, tape, video, various found material and site adjusted.

People’s various shortcomings and delusions are a common thread running through Cecilia’s work. She explores perception, in a psychological sense, how each of us is the center of our own universe, the many-layered societal roles we play over time, our expectations, misconceptions, bad judgment, our bewilderment at our failure to comprehend one another, our loss of memory and inability to get the big picture. And the humor of it all. 

Cecilia Sterner is a conceptual artist whose work is site-specific and context-dependent. She focuses on process, incorporating her love of craft into ready-mades, photography, film and performance in which the interaction with an unpredictable environment takes on importance. In a playful, irreverent, surrealistic spirit, she attacks various aspects of our contemporary reality.

Cecilia Sterner was born in 1967 and educated at the San Francisco Art Institute and Malmö Art Academy