Welcome to participate with works of art that will be for sale during the exhibition Friday Dec 15th 6-9pm and Saturday Dec 16th 12-4pm.

Cash Box is a two day exhibition where artists will show works costing less than 1000 SEK. All proceeds goes direct to the artist.

Work should be delivered to the gallery Wednesday Dec 13th between 2-8pm.

To participate you have to become a one year member in our organization, it costs 100 SEK and you will in return get a very fancy Box textile tote. Registration takes place at delivery.

Below are guidelines and restrictions:
· Only one piece of work per artist.
· No work larger than 100x100cm. This includes 3D and Diptych or Triptych.
· All necessary technical equipment is the sole responsibility of the artist and should be brought along with clear instructions.
· Everything on display should be for sale at one fixed price (1000 Sek or less) including frames, technical equipment, stands etc.
· Sales that take place during the evening is solely between artist and buyer, cash, swish etc. and Box does not take any commission.
· All works including unsold work must be picked up by the artist or buyer at the gallery on Saturday Dec 16th between 4-5:30pm or Sunday 17th 12-4pm. Please note that Box does not take responsibility for the work and will discard any left work.