Artist Talk

Laura White

On Wednesday 6-7pm participating artist Laura White will give an Artist Talk
in collaboration with Akademin Valand
Vasagatan 50

Galleri Box in collaboration with Valand Academy presents an artist talk with Laura White. While in Göteborg, White will create a site specific work “Second” and a new text work “Spillage” for the group exhibition: The Superorganism at Galleri Box, that opens Friday Nov 10th 6-9pm and runs until Dec 10th.

Laura White’s practice focuses on a negotiation with the world of STUFF, i.e. interactions with materials and objects, exploring ideas of value, profile, association, meaning and behaviour of materials, individual and collections of objects.

Things are explored both as material stuff and anthropological signifiers, that are capable of revealing the human condition – vulnerabilities and capabilities, value systems affected by consumerism and material status, and object/human dependencies. Her works occupy a fluid space, on one hand demanding critical discourse, and on the other their own ambiguous and intuitive logic.

Laura White’s practice is interdisciplinary including sculpture, installation, drawing and photography. Her web site “Tenderfoot” launched in 2017, is a on-line space for exploring materiality through her own writing, forums, events and a curated space where she invites contributions from artists, writers, and makers.

White also runs participatory events for example, ‘What it means to handle stuff – auto-pedagogy – a course in butchery¿, which saw White bring Royal College of Art students and staff from Raven Row Gallery London together to learn butchery skills under the guidance of a professional butcher, here looking at what it means to learn a skill and to deskill, the environment we learn in and the groups we learn with and skills we can access both as an amateur and as a professional.

Laura White is an artist based in London and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London, UK. Recent exhibitions include: The Agency Gallery London UK, Gallery Cadaqués Spain, & Model Leeds UK, SPACEX Exeter UK, Marlborough Contemporary London UK, The Wall House #2 Groningham Netherlands, Kling&Bang Reykjavik Iceland and Galleri Box Göteborg Sweden.