Polar Inertia

Samuel Brzeski

In “Polar Inertia”, two new melodramatic multi-media installation works in video and sound are shown at Galleri Box. Texts sourced from various online forums are rhythmically set to a musical soundtrack of hard techno, heavy metal, speedcore, and vaporwave. With narratives unfolding across multiple monitors, the screen itself is seen as a sculptural object in it’s own right. The subject matter of the texts vary greatly, but include various negative states, narcissistic tendencies, definitive desires, cooking tips, love advice, worldly worries and pet anxieties. Walking a thin line between tragedy and comedy, the new works in video and sound present an articulation of a collective consciousness of certain corners of post-digital culture. 

Samuel Brzeski’s (UK/NO) current work searches for the place and presence of the emotive body within the post-digital swirl of language. Working primarily with acts of reading and vocal semantics, the works investigate how the emotional impacts of digital culture are manifested through language, in its many malleable forms. Recent and ongoing projects include exhibitions, performances and publications with Lydgalleriet (Bergen), Studio 17 (Stavanger), Inversia Festival (Murmansk), KRAFT (Bergen), Chao Art Centre (Beijing) and Østre (Bergen). Samuel is based in Bergen, Norway. 

This project is supported by:  
Office for Contemporary Art Norway  
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond  
Nordic Culture Point  
Norsk Kulturrådet  
Bergen Kommune