Centers of Gravity

Jan Lütjohann

Welcome to the opening on Friday the 26 th of August, 17-20h.

Whoever carries something becomes one with the thing being carried. Bodies that evolved to move themselves lightly through the landscape are straining with packs, bags and parcels. At once enabling and burdening, the objects at the center of these endless logistics are both making our lives possible and weighing us down.

The exhibition takes up our bodily moving of objects, the technology of carrying and our relationship to the things we carry. The starting point of the works are the objects and practices that connect the body with what is being moved. The wooden works were made with hand tools and pre-industrial methods. 

Jan Lütjohann (*1987, Kiel) is a sculptor and educator from northern Germany who lives and works in Helsinki. His sculptures and installations take the shape of tools, equipment and workspaces. He uses pre-industrial tools and obsolete technology to contemplate working with hands in the present and future.

In connection with the exhibition, Jan Lütjohann will host workshops that combine carving wood and the kind of freeform conversation that happens when the hands are busy. At the workshops participants (learn to) use basic knives, carve wooden sticks collected in the city, and sharpen the knives with stones that can be found in the surroundings. The workshops will take place on 28.8, 11.9 and 25.9 from 13.00 to 15.00. For each session, up to six participants can sign up by:

Lütjohann’s exhibition is supported by Kone Foundation, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Nida Art Colony and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.