The Vegetable Lamb and Other Ravishing Stories from the Past

Ida Pettersson

The exhibition by Ida Petterssons has associations to science, falsehood and the creation of myths with tragic outcome. There are romantic streaks with a longing for nature where stories from a distant past surfaces and intermix with ideas about contemporary life.

One of the stories takes departure in the myth about The Vegetable Lamb, half animal and half plant. Saying has that it grew from the ground through it´s navel and was incapable of moving from this spot.  It lived on the grass that grew on that ground and when it ran out the vegetable lamb starved to death. Another story tells about the newly discovered Tahina spectabilis, a giant palm that only surfaces every 50th year and upon reaching it´s full height blooms itself to death.

The exhibition encompasses photography, sculpture and drawing.