BOXENNIAL is an exhibition inspired by contemporary art biennales and past times spring exhibitions and salons. 23 artists are invited to participate in this exhibition that is a side-step from Galleri Box regular programming which often have the formats of solo or group exhibitions.

Participating Artists:

  • Rebecca Burkhalter
  • Johanna Willenfelt
  • Tomas Ferm
  • Tommy Sveningsson
  • Anna Classon
  • Angelica Olsson
  • Agnes Holmström
  • Mikael Ellingsen
  • Jacob Hurtig
  • Sofie Karp
  • Ylva Carlgren
  • Mandi Gavois
  • Malin Heikenberg
  • Joachim Fleinert
  • Sannah Kvist
  • Alciray Kiryaman
  • Fredrika Andersson
  • Karin Wikström
  • Casia Bromberg
  • Joachim Carlsson
  • Ulrika Erdes

Boxennial is organized by June Lassesson, Gustav Lejelind and Eliana Ivarsdotter Haddad