Rapport från Skymningsbyråkratin

John Huntington

The Twilight Bureaucracy is a collection of events, objects and experimental strategies that explore the undercurrents of administration and the alternative sides of bureaucracy. The project deals with public employees’ struggle with various administrative systems and presents new safety procedures to combat feelings of powerlessness and ethical stress. The Twilight Bureaucracy proposes a counter-movement – a community of acting public officials who invents various methods and techniques to escape frustration, create sanctuaries, and pour warmth into the spaces in between. The works in the exhibition are small-scale, but  simultaneously powerful, ceremonial acts presented in an educational format.

John Huntington (b. 1981, Gothenburg) works in a conceptual tradition expressed through performance, sculpture, photography, text and installations. With various forms of interventions and propositions, he questions joint notions and agreements taken-for-granted in everyday life, work environments, public institutions and political spaces. He is also a co-founder of the institutions Kanslibyrån and Frihetsförmedlingen.

Bild/image: “Anna Karin, personalhandläggare, Göteborgs universitet” / Foto:John Huntington