John Huntington

Welcome to a conversation between the three artists Maddie Leach, Monique Wernhamn and John Huntington. The talk will be about how art affects society, and in what ways it can succeed and fail. In the conversation we will talk about speed (When to be fast? When to be slow?) fantasy (How to use fiction in a post-truth media landscape?) risk (how to work with uncertainty?) and responsibility (Do artists have certain responsibilities?)

The talk is held at Galleri Box, Wednesday 18 october at 18.00, it is approximately one hour long. The talk will be recorded and will be released as a BOX POD episode.

The artists that meet in conversation are:

Maddie Leach is an artist from New Zealand, now based in Lund and Gothenburg. She is Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts at HDK-Valand Academy of Art & Design and holds a PhD from Deakin University in Australia. Educated in sculpture, Maddie has sustained a commitment to new forms of public art and site-based practice over a 25-year career. She is currently working on a four-year research project about a failed public artwork on the campus of Lund University in southern Sweden.

Monique Wernhamn is an artist based in Gothenburg. She has been professionally active for the past 15 years and works with socially engaged, performative and participatory projects. In 2023, Monique released a book about the eight yearlong project The Sustainable Woman, that explores personal sustainability, work and human value. She is a co-founder of Källhult ett6, an artistic platform in Dalsland, with workshops, residency activities etc.

John Huntington is an artist working in a conceptual tradition expressed through performance, sculpture, photography, text and installations. With various forms of interventions, his art questions notions we take for granted in everyday life, work environments and public institutions. He is currently having an exhibition at Gallery Box about the alternative sides of administration titled “Report from The Twilight Bureaucracy”