didn’t see it coming

Hanna Antonsson

Hanna Antonsson uses kinetic sculpture and photography with bird taxidermy as the main material in her artistic practice. With sculptural and photographic hybrids, she investigates the meeting between animal and machine. The bird’s wing is a recurring motif that constantly meets new materials and that she herself works to preserve.

All the birds in the works have died naturally, the vast majority hit by cars and found by the side of the road. The collision is therefore a natural theme in her work and also the starting point for didn’t see it coming. In the exhibition, roadkills and dead car parts from the ditch are fused together, two materially charged symbols. The wing is artificially brought to life through programmed servo motors and mounted on the object that once killed them.

Hanna Antonsson (b.1991) lives and works in Gothenburg and has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography from HDK-Valand.