BOX Skyltning: Seasonal Greetings

Nils Gunnars

Multichannel Video Installation, 2023

Outdoor opening: Thursday the 14th at 5pm-8pm

During the darkest days of December we present our last exhibition of the year – BOX Skyltning. The exhibition is presented in our shop window and alludes to the concept of Christmas signage. Every year we invite one or several artists who take advantage of the dark hours by presenting works that can be viewed from the street. This year we have the pleasure of presenting the artist Nils Gunnars who shows the multi-channel video installation “Seasonal greetings”.

“Seasonal Greetings” is a video work that, through abstract visions, explores three dilemmas associated with the holiday season – relationships, consumption, and excess. The installation is an attempt to examine how commercialis

m and tradition impact us. The films play with the idea of “windowshopping” and the image we convey or that is conveyed to us. Do we buy it?

Using digital environments and characters, the artist Nils Gunnars aim to create thought-provoking situations and emotional virtual encounters. How do we react if an animated figure is hit? Can an abstract digital form with wood texture arouse excitement?

Nils Gunnars art is rooted in digital animation and 3D. He uses this tool to create spaces and situations where he can tell stories that encourage the experience of emotions. The films are often fragmentary and abstract, with a multitude of narratives and impressions meant to be felt rather than understood. He wants to give the viewer the opportunity to create their own story around the works, leaving both the structure and plot relatively open. Everyday cycles and moral themes are treated in a way that does not point fingers but still encourages reflection. Aesthetic elements play a significant role, leaning towards the unsettling or erotic, often with a comedic touch where color, form, and content veer towards extravagant absurdity. Using digital means, Nils aim to make analog people feel the emotions of digital beings to understand their own.