A zine is a Zine is a Zine

Take 10 Press

“One publishes to find comrades!”

  • André Breton

A zine is a zine is a zine is a celebration of printed matter, specifically the format of the zine. The zine is an incredibly unique format in the realm of self-publishing due to its accessibility in terms of engagement and materials. From June 16th-21st Take 10 Press will be showcasing our newly founded and ever growing zine library with contributions from artists mainly located in the Nordic and Baltic countries. And in anticipation of our forthcoming publication with the Oslo based artist Kier Cooke Sandvik we will be showcasing his notebooks-a vital part of his practice. On the weekend (June 17 & June 18) we have invited Salon de Papier, SHELF Publishing and Åke Sjöberg to host events related to the practice and methods of self-publishing.

Full schedule will be available on Take 10 Press’ Facebook and Instagram.