The Background Music

Ina Porselius

Welcome to the opening on Friday 25 August, 5-8pm.

We cook, we clean, then we cook again, then we clean again.

I’m a chef, I’d never want to be anything else.

I feel comfortable. I make children happy.

The children make me happy.

I think and I dream.

My hands are working, it’s routine.

The effectiveness.

It’s like a dance, we dance when we work.

Sometimes we sing.

The background music.

Ina Porselius (b.1989, Visby) works with video, text and installation. Her topics include identity, memories, feelings and class. She comes from a working-class family and her work is partly about making people and stories that are not always allowed to take place in art and film visible. Such as people from the working class, above all women’s voices. Ina has a master’s degree in art from Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo and a master’s degree in film from Akademin Valand. Her work has been shown at Gotland’s Art Museum, Destiny’s Atelier (Oslo) and Gothenburg Film Festival, among others. Ina also appears as the artist in the latest issue of the magazine Provins with the theme “Rest”.


Pernilla Dierks

Karl-Wilhelm Nilsson

Susanne Andersen

Shahla Talebzadeh

Helena Zatorska

Petra Ottosson

Angelina Peters

Carina Skenhede

Christina Nilsson

Johan Melander

Director: Ina Porselius

Producer: Ina Porselius, Lea Park Apelgren

Photo: Åsa Båve, Lea Park Apelgren, Ina Porselius

Cut: Ina Porselius

Sound: Liis Ring

Song: Sara Parkman – Anthropocene

With support from the City of Gothenburg

Many thanks to all participants, to Parkskolan and to Sara Parkman

Galleri BOX is run with support from the City of Gothenburg and the Culture Council