Until then, some kind of wild

Adrián Espinós Ferrero & Daniel Vincent Hansen

Gallery BOX presents an exhibition exploring two possible futures in Until then, some kind of wild where infrared photography contrasts with an ecosystem of sculptures. An otherworldly natural world occupies the space and shows us where we could be headed. Curated by Hannah Giles.

Adrián Espinós Ferrero (Alicante, 1985) lives and works in Malmö since 2019. The diverse artistic practice of Espinós Ferrero is very related to growing and transforming processes.

Daniel Vincent Hansen (Gothenburg, 1991) lives and works in Trondheim. Hansen often plays with novel technology to tell stories of different places or objects, both living and dead. With a focus on places too immense for any stories to contain them, he wishes to open up for new ways of understanding these spaces and the vibrant things inhabiting them.

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