Bruch & Dallas

Box presents gallery Bruch & Dallas from Köln.

Closed for Summer

The gallery takes a summer holiday from our regular exhibition program and will return in late August. Any extra programming during the summer will be posted here.

What Could Not Be Expected in the Country of Eternal Light


During the rainy summer of 1817, a group gathers in a villa at lake Geneva where they scare each other with made up ghost stories. One of the persons in the gathering is the, at the time 18-year old Mary Shelley, the daughter of feminist Mary Wollstonecraft. Inspired by the evening she writes the horror […]

Talk: Verkligheten/Box/Skogen – on working together (as artists)

An afternoon talk at Skogen on working together (as artists). Mia Rogersdotter artist and board member, Verkligheten, Umeå Annika Lundgren artist and acting artistic leader, Skogen, Gbg Gustav Lejelind artist and coordinator, Box, Gbg in conversation with Fredric Gunve artist and University lector, HDK, Gbg ~~~~ Members of three artist driven platforms speak about co-creating […]


Chinar Shah, Leslie Johnson och Smriti Mehra

Welcome to the Opening reception and Artist Talk at 5:30 -6:00pm, Friday 23/3, the Gallery is open 5-8pm. A group exhibition organised by the three artist/curators; Leslie Johnson (Sweden), Chinar Shah and Smriti Mehra (India).  Bubble, a globule of one substance in another, usually gas in a liquid; All bubbles pop A packaging material; All bubbles pop An […]

When we dig, things come up

Daniel Peltz

Opening Reception Friday Feb 16th 6-9pm When we dig, things come up contains artifacts from a public art work produced in Tom Price, Western Australia from 2013-15 by the American artist Daniel Peltz as part of the SPACED biennial of social practice. Peltz was commissioned to spend two-months in residence in the town, spread over […]

Tenthaus Winter Depot

Opening Reception Friday Jan 19th 6-9pm Tenthaus artist collective would like you to come and see the results of a moment of trust between Gothenburg’s visual artists and people learning Swedish at «SFI» language school. Local artists have been asked to personally deliver their works to Galleri Box. There, a language class awaits, each student paired […]


Welcome to participate with works of art that will be for sale during the exhibition Friday Dec 15th 6-9pm and Saturday Dec 16th 12-4pm. Cash Box is a two day exhibition where artists will show works costing less than 1000 SEK. All proceeds goes direct to the artist. Work should be delivered to the gallery […]

Performance: Children of the revolution?

Karin Sandberg och Vilda Kvist

Welcome Saturday December 16th at 2pm. In their first collaboration, the two artists Karin Sandberg and Vilda Kvist note the ideas of the future seen from the eyes of the coming generation. Through interviews and writing workshops the artists have gained insight to the reflections and observations of youths.  The artists weave the questions and […]

The Superorganism

Aganetha Dyck, Anja Carr, Dominique Rey, Laura White, Linda Tedsdotter och Yngvild Saeter

With sculpture as a starting point, the exhibition becomes a cross section where artistic practices that in different ways address space, the object and materiality, exist in synergy. The artworks act as embodiments of questions as well as responses to different cultural and natural phenomena; bronies, cruisers, cars, society, power, bees, materiality, the universe, what […]