A. Erika Bergström, Nina Ölund Noreskär and Michael Rupini

Galleri Box shows three artists who use painting as a surface for a physical experience. Here the painting gesture and its relationship with the artist are in focus, and what we see in the exhibition room is not the result of an event in the studio but an event that is ongoing and re-created in relation to the room and the viewer. The painting is at a breaking point where the artist’s visit to the work puts it in an uncertain state between representation and physical experience. The artists work unconditionally and experimentally in an abstract tradition where the intuitive is placed in focus. The spatial installation of the works and how we relate our bodies to them are equivalent to the color fields on the canvas.

 In A.Erika Bergström’s work of wind poplin, materiality and gender issues are examined in relation to contemporary issues about political consequences and what painting can express in contemporary image production.

Nina Ölund Noreskär arranges her canvases hanging freely in the exhibition room as bodies that call for physical meetings.

Michael Rupini borrows the aesthetics from graffiti where a jumble of letters and symbols written down beyond structure fills the canvas. Through automatic writing, the hand works freely over the space of the canvas, as a transcendental movement that transcends today’s scientific and intellectual artmaking.


Nina Ölund Noreskär (born 1989 in Gislaved) is based in Stockholm and graduated from Konstfack 2016. She received the Kerstin and Sven Lundhs Scholarship in 2019 and was then shown separately at Vandalorum in Värnamo and has also exhibited solo at, among others, Österängens Konsthall (2019) , Stene Projects Gallery (2018) and Kummelholmen (2017).

A.Erika Bergström (born 1986 in Stockholm) is based in Stockholm and graduated from Konstfack 2018. She received the 2017 Bærtlingstiftelsens scholarship and has participated in exhibitions at, among others, Botkyrka Konsthall (2020), Wip: Konsthall (2017) and Gislaveds Konsthall ( 2015).

Michael Rupini (born 1975 in Stockholm) is based in Stockholm and Berlin and graduated from Konstfack 2010. He received Konstnärsnämndens two-year working scholarship in 2014 and has participated in the Venice Biennale together with the Austrian artist group Gelatine (2011). He has also exhibited at GSL in Berlin (2017) and at Belenius (2019).



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