Karl & Carl – Still No Response From The Void

Karl Kirti Hedin and Björn Carl Perborg

The artist duo Karl & Carl (Karl Hedin and Björn Carl Perborg) offers a crazy mix of animation, sculpture, video and photography. Bizarre and uncanny situations occur as the searchlight is directed towards human beings and their relationship to the planet, the universe, life and death. The exhibition runs until the 27th of September.

”Ännu inget svar från tystnaden” (”Still No Response From The Void”) is the title of Karl & Carl’s sincere and surprisingly accessible exhibition. On a jumpy road from science fiction to broken hearts, the artists navigate through the wetlands of poetry in a dialogue, where misunderstandings bring about unexpected meanings and where new connections constantly appear.

– It’s important to stay close to the limits of your understanding of the existence. That’s where we try to go in all our works, Karl & Carl explains. The exhibition is a tribute to the pointless, the ridiculous, the pathetic and the ungraspable. It also pays tribute to the cosmic distances. Between people. (Before this distance was measured to 1,5 metres).

A cabinet of grief with a coffin (or is it a spaceship?), images from crematoria and a video where people queue to throw themselves off a balcony, is combined with a pulpet, where a curator recites empty phrases collected from the curatorial statements of international biennials.

Karl & Carl are mostly known for their playful sculptures, their documentaries and animations, marinated with humour, gravity and a stubborn questioning of anything taken for granted or considered normality. ”Ännu inget svar från tystnaden” (”Still No Response From The Void”) is their first exhibition together in Sweden.


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