Kajsa G. Eriksson and Fredric Gunve

During the second half of GIBCA Extended Kajsa G. Eriksson & Fredric Gunve will exhibit – RAIN.


The rain was pouring down. Heavy, thick raindrops hammered hard on pine trees, roofs, and cars, on moose, deer, strollers and timber workers. Lengthways wood paths and concrete roads water was flowing in newly made rivers. Cars with almost blind drivers skid slowly ahead through the streams of water from heaven. Basements were flooded and filled with water. Lawns were transformed to shallow green pools. Two weeks later the rain calmed down. The day after it rained persistently again. It rained for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine weeks more.
The rain never stopped.

RAIN is the story of a future environmental disaster, a world where the rain never ends. The story begins seven years after the disaster, when life has normalized with the eternal rain as a natural part of everyday life. The exhibition at Gallery Box consists of a story, an artist-book with five chapters and 44 printed cards, an archive of everyday objects from the rain area, 19 recitals, meetings and discussions that take place during the exhibition period.
Family: In a condemned house lives a family who refuse to abandon their home. The family struggle on a daily basis to save themselves and the house from the eternal rain. With an unbreakable will the try to survive.
The village: In one village the inhabitants decide to stay, and not escape the rain. By turning the village into a collective they create a future with new traditions, techniques, and an economy that allows for a life in the rainy weather condition. Everyone are interdependent and this strengthens the ties between them, but it is also a breeding ground for conflicts. How can the village in the long run adapt to the collective and different way to live and work?
University: The weather anomaly is a unique state that generate a large national and international interest for the area. The university becomes a place for innovative ideas and activities where people from all over the world meet to analyze and take advantage of the unique situation. But it is also a place full of visitors in rootless relations to the area.
Future Memory: A dry dog is a dead dog. The rain reboot both nature and culture and hand everyone a new deck of cards to play with for their survival.
The exhibition ends on Sunday 15 November with a large RAIN meeting that brings together art teachers, artists and students to discuss and plan how to participate in the international demonstration which takes place on November 29 before the climate conference in Paris December 2015.
RAIN is an artistic research project run by the artists Kajsa G Eriksson and Fredric Gunve.


Friday 16 October           Opening 18.00 – 21.00
Join us for the opening of RAIN, part of GIBCA extended.

WATER (card 1-9)

Saturday 17 October      The artists read RAIN for the exhibition
Sunday 18 October         Dog owners read RAIN for dogs.
Tuesday 20 October       University shadow course reads RAIN for a gray sky.


FAMILY (card 10-19)

Thursday 22 October     Neighbors read RAIN for abandoned houses.
Saturday 24 October      Marine biologist reads RAIN for the ocean
Sunday 25 October         Children read RAIN for parents.
Tuesday 27 October       Parents on parental leave read RAIN for small children.


VILLAGE (card 20-29)

Thursday 29 October     Research Scientist in public health reads RAIN for wet wipes
Saturday 31 October      Senior citizen reads RAIN for student.
Sunday 1 November       Building contractor reads RAIN for mold.
Tuesday 3 November     Immigrant reads RAIN for wet asphalt.


UNIVERSITETY (card 30-39)

Thursday 5 November             18.00 – 19.30
TRUMPETEN: Flood victims read RAIN for TIME.
Reading, seminar and artist talk with Ateljé-kollektivet TRUMPETEN from Malmö
Part of RAIN in PARSE Biennial Research Conference on TIME.


Saturday 7 November    Region developer reads RAIN for environmental engaged artists.
Sunday 8 November       People with mold allergy read RAIN for dry air.
Tuesday 10 November   University teachers read RAIN for knowledge.


MEMORY (card 40-44)

Thursday 12 November Art teacher students read RAIN for the future.
Saturday 14 November  Workshop: Performing Future Memories (Kajsa & Fredric)
Sunday 15 November    Environmental activist reads RAIN for the climate summit inParis.


The exhibition ends on Sunday 15th November with a RAIN meeting that aim at bringing together art teacher, art students, art teacher students and artists to discuss and plan how to participate in the upcoming climate meting and demonstration which takes place on November 29 before the climate conference in Paris December 2015.
How do we adapt and survive a nature that reboot itself?
How do we cope with a future different climatic situation today?

Publications and Files

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