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25/8-24/9 Therese Parner: It begins with a golden rain

  The exhibition continues until Sunday September 24th. During the GIBCA Extended Opening Reception Wednesday September 6th  the artist Therese Parner was in conversation with Box board member and artist Josefina Posch. It begins with a golden rain It takes a body to shape a body, presence. The vital machinery that carries the jittery soul forth, [...]

Self-governing artist networks!

5/5-4/6 Adel Szakacs: One for each vibration

  The exhibition continues until Sunday June 4th.            

31/3-30/4 Johanna Bruckner: REAL TIME UTOPIAS

    Performers: Ingeborg Zackariassen, Adele St-Aubin, Felix Skalberg; choreography: Johanna Bruckner in collaboration with the performers. The finance-driven deregulation of buildings in Gothenburg’s Eriksberg and the subsequent reorganisation of production conditions are the main focus of this performance. Johanna Bruckner: REAL TIME UTOPIAS Gallery Box presents Johanna Bruckner’s solo exhibition REAL TIME UTOPIAS from [...]

22/3-26/3 BOX at Supermarket Art Fair

  Come and see us at Supermarket Art Fair 2017 in Stockholm. Paul Hage Boutrous – Chorale of the intimate The theme of Supermarket 2017 is intimacy. In relation to the theme, Galleri Box has chosen to present the Gothenburg based artist Paul Hage Boutros. The core of Hage Boutros practice revolves around the thematics [...]

17/2- 19/3 Hanne Mago Wiklund and Simon Rydén – Copy Copy Copy

    The exhibition continues through Sunday March 19th. Remember that Box is now also open on Fridays. Welcome! Gallery Box presents the duo exhibition Copy copy copy with Hanne Mago Wiklund and Simon Rydén. Through our open-call the gallery board gets introduced to numerous interesting artists, many of which we previously did not know [...]

13/1 -1 12/2 Vanja Sandell Billström – Utsikterna

  Welcome to the Opening Reception 13/1, kl 18-21! UTSIKTERNA Vanja Sandell Billström [I’m] a flâneuse who never leaves her apartment. / Moyra Davey Notiser från arbetsbok: – In her film ”Notes on Blue” (2015) Moyra Davey wanders around her apartment with a headset in her ear. The film is a response to the film [...]


Artist Talk with Laura White Nov 8th 6:00 pm at Akademin Valand


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