BOX Skyltning

Nils Ekman

BOX Skyltning



Thurs: 17.00-00.00 Vernissage mingling with glögg (and distance) outside the gallery 17.00-19.00

Fri-Sun: 15.00-00.00

For the second year in a row, Galleri BOX ends its year with the exhibition BOX Skyltning – a window exhibition that literally lights up the darkest days of the year with light-based art. This year’s exhibitor is the Malmö-based artist Nils Ekman who shows the animation Violent Motion and the sculpture SC_F12.

The origin of the word animation comes from the latin word “anima” which means life, but also breath or wind. “Animare”, to animate, could mean both to give life and to give air. On view in one of the windows of Gallery BOX is an animation in which a cloth billows as if moved by wind. Since this animation is completely digitally generated the wind is created by an algorithm. Life, like the chaotic movement of wind, is in this simulated reality completely governed by the beauty of mathematical regularity. 

On view in the second window is an object consisting of industrial clay – a type of clay commonly applied in industrial design to make prototypes of not yet existing objects. We may tend to feel spooked, awed or mistrustful of the futuristic qualities of technological development. But even tough the abilities of digital technology to recreate reality is eerily precise, we still need to deploy the earth to imagine our future. The past and the future is made of the same matter. Or as the italian artist Carlo Levi wrote in 1951: “the future has an ancient heart”.

Nils Ekman (b. 1990) received a master in fine art from Malmö Art Academy in 2018.

A bit up Kastellgatan you will also find our neighbor Gallery 54, which arranges DecemberKalender, a window exhibition that runs throughout December in peepshow. They will show a work by an artist every day between 08-23:59.