Talk: Verkligheten/Box/Skogen – on working together (as artists)

An afternoon talk at Skogen on working together (as artists).

Mia Rogersdotter
artist and board member, Verkligheten, Umeå

Annika Lundgren
artist and acting artistic leader, Skogen, Gbg

Gustav Lejelind
artist and coordinator, Box, Gbg

in conversation with Fredric Gunve
artist and University lector, HDK, Gbg


Members of three artist driven platforms speak about co-creating artistic and other work, taking their exit point from Verklighetens exhibition at Box, the Skogen school and their own artistic practices.

Possible topics to touch upon:

-strategies for co-creating
-collective/collaborative/networking – how to organise group work?
-as a group of artists, how to work within contemporary economical structures?
-challenges and possibilities for artist driven galleries and platforms
-production conditions for collaborative artistic production


time: 11th of May, 4 pm – 5:30 pm
venue: Skogen
afternoon tea will be served
conversations will be held in Swedish/English