Ylva Carlgren and Tomas Lundgren

Galleri Box presents the duo exhibition Ellipsis with Ylva Carlgren and Tomas Lundgren. Through our open-call, we on the gallery board get introduced to numerous interesting artistic practices, several previously unknown to us, other more familiar and above all it is an amazing opportunity for us to discover new contexts and tendencies amongst the applicants. This was the case with Ylva Carlgren and Tomas Lundgren, where the board became very curious of what would happen if we brought them together in a duo exhibition. To our delight both of the accepted our invitation.


In the Ellipsis exhibition we meet two artists whose work revolves around process based, gray-scale painting, in which the passage of time is encapsulated.

Ylva Carlgren works with watercolor. Her work is experimental and systematic. She paints non-figuratively in gray-scale, starting from elementary shapes. The circles, lines and the space in her work are test subjects and projection surfaces where light and shadow meet.

The method is at the center of Carlgren’s work, and it dictates the terms for the visual appearance of the paintings. Through a controlled layering technique, she attempts to erase all traces of brushstrokes. The process of painting and the problems that arise, give birth to new ideas and new works. It is a repetitive process, and the paintings are often done over and over, in different formats. In this exhibition Carlgren presents three large watercolors where a circular shape is at the center of an eerie play of light.

Tomas Lundgren’s works bring forth historical traces and fragments. Working with scientific, historical and artistic archives as a starting point, he explores and recreates images in a methodical and time consuming painting process.

The series Skull is based on a photograph from an archeological site, where the photographer holds up a cranium for documentation. The work alludes to a memento mori tradition and consists of a series of paintings in the same format, with a reiterated motif. Each part in the series is executed during one day and with only one layer of paint, resulting in slight variations between the paintings.

Ylva Carlgren was born in 1984 in Luleå. She currently lives and works in Stockholm. In 2012 she graduated from Valand Academy, the same year that she received grants from Eric Ericssons stiftelse and Stiftelsen Anna Lisa Thomson. Carlgren is represented by Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm.

Tomas Lundgren was born in 1985 and lives and works in Gothenburg. He is educated at Malmö Art Academy and Valand Academy, where he graduated in 2013. Lundgren has had solo exhibitions at Moderna Museet Malmö, Färgfabriken and Galleri Thomas Wallner, among others. In 2014 he received Fredrik Roos Art Grant and in 2016 he was honored with Beckers Art Award.