Anna Lamberg

The exhibition continues until Sunday Feb 7th

The starting point for Anna Lamberg´s exhibition Solfall is mental darkness. By building physical models of mental spaces or rooms, that she later photographs, she tries to visualize emotions that are hard to put words on. The models are attempts to create an image of spaces within us, that are invisible to others. Solfall revolves around darkness and light that alternately disappears and returns. Anna imagines the flying objects as butterflies. They can be seen as something beautiful, as a sign of light and springtime, but there are also moths which are often considered more unpleasant, making noise and being black as shadows. Lamberg´s butterflies are a mix of both, created out of beautifully colored fabrics, but then painted black. In the back room of the gallery the film Tick tock is shown. The music comes from the song Tick of the Clock by Chromatics.

Anna Lamberg, artist, set-designer and photographer. I explore rooms, both physical and mental. I often work with existential issues, such as memory, loss and fear. It is important for me to try to work with an exhibition on several levels, in order for the viewer to get a holistic experience of the feeling I’m trying to describe. Because of this I work with several media simultaneously, such as photography, video, objects, sound, light and collage. I often use strong colors and glittering materials in my work, but beneath the beautiful surface I always try to create turmoil and darkness. What interests me is not the beautiful, but the black and difficult; that what happens when the facade cracks.

The exhibition is supported by the Göteborgs Stads Kulturnämnd. Thanks to Linda Tedsdotter, David Möllerstedt and Gallery Box

English translation by Josefina Posch

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