Supermarket Art Fair, 2015

Trinidad Carrillo

Welcome to Gallery Box´s exhibition stand during the Supermarket Art Fair at Telefonplan in Stockholm April 16-19th where we will present Gothenburg based artist Trinidad Carrillo.


Dead Star, Dark Lake.

“Here I show pictures from the series `No Date´. The latest abundance of images. Because somewhere I left the obsession with time. I have started to lose interest in exact dates and hours. The memories remember in a different way, outside and inside of time, organically. A place where everything is maintained regardless of whether it is remembered or not, if you saw it yourself or if you had witnesses. Everything is real. “

– Trinidad Carrillo


Trinidad Carrillo’s works resonate with the fact that we, at every given moment, enter and participate in hundreds, perhaps thousands of stories – our own and those of others. Often, relationships are foreshadowed, to the intangible, the half-imagined, and the perhaps forgotten. And still, in the non-linear narrative there is a quiet matter-of-factness, a sort of elucidated quotidian mythology.

The Swedish author Gunnar Ekelöf wrote: “I don’t believe in a life after this. I believe in this life.” The statement is hardly about denying the spiritual aspects of life. On the contrary, it is about the importance of daring to see and to be intensely present, to realise that our lives are changed every day.

Trinidad Carrillo’s images are transitions, bridges between the unexpected and the logic of dreams, between visual grandeur and a rather more rugged terrain in which the border between the desolate and the intensely alive is reached and transgressed. Our experiences and memories are bent and expanded; thoughts and language are transported into new spaces.

– Johan Sjöström


Trinidad Carrillo, b.1975 in Cusco, Peru. Since receiving her master’s degree in photography from the School of Photography and Film in Gothenburg in 2006 she has had numerous exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark, France, Peru and beyond. International recognition came in 2008 when Carrillo´s book “Naini and the Sea of Wolves” (Farewell Books) won the Swedish Photo Book Prize and the previous year and was also the Swedish contribution for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2008 & 2009. The previous year Carrillo was selected to participate in Les Rencontres d’Arles Discovery Award.