Reaching The Known

Cecilia Hultman

Reaching the known is Stockholm-based Cecilia Hultman´s first solo exhibition in Gothenburg. On the borderline between natural science and visual depiction, Hultman shows drawing as an independent precise form of repetition, where associations are potential carriers of meaning beyond the theoretical and rational. The exhibition title ”Reaching The Known” refers to a chapter in a book about the moon and the Apollo- expeditions, but also to the act of drawing as as way to approach the incomprehensible, abstract science and visual possibilities. A physical approach to find alternative and poetic dimensions of the well-known. Drawn versions of the surface structure of the moon and symbolically charged lines are brought together in her exhibition that also includes text, in which the gestures that preceded the selection are somewhat made visible.

Cecilia Hultman b. 1985, with an MFA degree from Konstfack – University college of arts, crafts and design, 2014 and has previously attended schools such as Gerleborgsskolan Bohuslän.