Cold Air Rising

Andrew Bruce

Box Gallery proudly presents Andrew Bruce first solo exhibition in Sweden – Cold Air Rising, with artworks that address questions about death, time and photography.

“Andrew Bruce photographs wild animals both dead and alive principally using a large format camera, presenting his photographs as life-size analogue handprints. Bruce seems to be searching for some sense of touch and contact with both the photograph and the bodies of the animals he finds.

In his series Tender all but two of the photographs show lifeless animal bodies held against a boyish white human body; seemingly anonymous except for one photograph where Bruce’s face is partially visible. Bruce performs these photographs for the camera. The photographs, especially one showing a rabbit, reminds us of Joseph Beuys’ seminal performance “How to explain Pictures to a Dead Hare” hinting at the philosophical distance between human and animal thought. Bruce presents us with photographs that seem to express the unfathomable nature of our human perception of the non-human world: the Others.”

– Karen Knorr, Artist, March 2013

Andrew Bruce´s first book; Cold Air Rising, will be released in conjunction with the exhibition.

London based Andrew Bruce is educated at the Royal College of Art, UK. For more information about Andrew Bruce go to

Opening Reception saturady april 6th, Noon-4PM