My Secret Voice

Magdalena Dziurlikowska

My Secret Voice is a kaleidoscope of personal stories in which black humour and deep sincerity collapse into each other.

Through video and drawn comic strips, Magdalena Dziurlikowska stages and acts out her different selves. How do you get the life you want? How do you succeed in singing in tune? How do you avoid getting raped? Magdalena passes through the contemporary everyday arriving at a poetic truth addressing what it means to create one’s self today.

Strong colours, exposing testimonies and a constant aspiration to make a difference.

Magdalena Dziurlikowska exhibits four video pieces and four drawn comic strips at Galleri Box.

Artist and art critic Magdalena Dziurlikowska was born in Warszawa 1975 and now lives in Stockholm. She has an MFA in Fine Arts from Konstfack and a BFA in Art Theory from Stockholm University. Her films and other art projects have of been shown in larger exhibitions and screenings in Sweden and abroad.

The films will be shown as a rolling schedule, one new film for each exhibition week. The films are made in collaboration with Niklas Rydén.

Saturday 24th  – Thursday 29th March
The film Don’t Mention the Music addresses song and voice, something that many have a complicated relation to. The story originates from the desire to sing and the difficulty to sing in tune. Don’t Mention the Music got an honorary mention at the 2012 Tempo Documentary film festival.

Saturday 31st March – Thursday 5th April
In My Secret Life Magdalena acts out two diametrically different lives. The line between two states of being is often thin. Your life can suddenly and randomly change. My Secret Life  participated at the Åbo Biannual in the summer of 2011 and was acquired by Åbo konsthall, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova.

Easter Sunday 8th April  – Thursday 12th April
Favourite Things is a cinematic commentary on a foreign place, and a personal expression for the wish to make that place ones own. Favourite Things was shown at the 2012 Gothenburg International Film Festival.


Saturday 14th April – Sunday 22nd April
Water Colours is a poetic, personal and political film about water. The history of ideas, personal experiences, strange facts and contemporary environmental threats creates a rolling wave movement. The film is brand-new and premiers at Galleri Box.



Exhibiting artist Magdalena Dziurlikowska with Annica Karlsson Rixon, artist and Ph.D-student in photography
Thursday April 12th 2012 at 6pm-8pm
During the exhibition My secret voice
The talk will be held in Swedish


Opening reception Saturday March 24th, noon- 4pm