Cash BOX


Welcome to participate in Cash BOX!

Cash BOX is a two day exhibition where artist are selling works for the maximum price limit of 1000 kr.

To be able to participate in exhibiting you’ve to become a member of Galleri BOX. It costs 100kr and you’ll get nice looking tote bag.

Hand in works on: Wednesday the 12th of December 16-19. 

Opening on the 14 th 17-20h and also open on Saturday the 15th 12-16h.

Pick up works on: Saturday 16-17.30 or Tuesday 16-18


Below are guidelines and restrictions on participation and sales:

· Only one work per artist (diptych, triptych, editions, etc. is completely ok).

· No work bigger than about 100x100cm (total size at diptyk / triptych)

· All necessary technical equipment is included with the work in the exhibition together with clear instructions.

· All that is visible shall be for sale at a price (1000kr or less), incl. frames, technology, etc.

· Sales made during the evening and the day are preferred between buyers and artists (swish, cash etc.) and BOX does not charge a commission, but BOX may, if necessary, proceed with the payment.

· All works incl. the ones that are sold should be picked up on Saturday after 16-17 or on Sundays between kl. 12-16 by artist or buyer. Box is not responsible for leftovers which will be discarded.