BOX Performance

Barrie Sutcliffe and Harrie Liveart

Performance Weekend at BOX with Barrie Sutcliffe on Friday and Harrie Liveart on Sunday.

Friday 4/11, 18h-21h: Barrie Sutcliffe

Barrie Sutcliffe is a multidisciplinary artist from western Canada who has been based in Göteborg for the last nine years. For this performance at Galleri Box he will present a snapshot of an ongoing process from his ongoing investigation on how feedback pressures decision making, musical improvisation, and material objects, and how it is a required component of any creative and social system.

The feedback within electronic circuits is complemented by their feedback with the artist manipulating them, who must choose to be either active or passive about how they develop. The process is thus not chaotic but rather a constantly unfolding adaptation of several implicate orders within both circuits and the human body. Using pieces of trash excited by sound further complicates and enlivens this reactive and unstable interface, an anxious cyborg made of garbage.

Saturday 5/11 15h-19h: Harrie Liveart – Forgetfulness

Harrie is the binary union of Meri Linna and Saija Kassinen, a shared ontological space that has emerged since 2008. We are exploring possibilities held by fictive and non fictive entities. Harrie is claiming his own existential ground and attempts to develop independence. We aim to utilize Harrie as a concept itself in order to conduct a discussion on contemporary society and its phenomena.
Forgetfulness is the first in a series of essays where a performative act is juxtaposed with a textual installation. These essays are questioning if there is something essential bypassed in the contemporary consumerist society or western educational pedagogy. At Gallery Box the first chapter forgetfulness is concerned with the creation of fire.
Harrie has been exhibiting artistic work since 2010, which has been rendered through the mental unity and oftentimes by utilizing the physical embodiment of Linna and Kassinen. Such works has examined, for example, properties of industrial materials, the concepts of identity, unity, the body and love. We reinterpret these works as phases in the development of a person, through which an “identity” has come forth. The argument that negotiates Harries existence reveals the “flow” or the “spirit” as it prevails in the extended dialogue to which the audience is invited.