OEI Poetry Area: Extension # 12

Release for Karl-Johan Stigmarks nominated ”Svenska Fotobokspriset”-books: Stains, words and Cracks and other cracks (OEI editor), and for OEI # 48-49-50 about play, games and toys (with a guest edition by Pequod).

Readings, performances, projections, music, bar and mingle.

Karl-Johan Stigmark, Magnus Haglund, Anna Hallberg, Jörgen Gassilewski, Helena Eriksson, Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson, Per Engström, Linn Hansén, Dan Fröberg, r a k e t a, Beata Berggren, Arne Kjell Vikhagen, Kristian Carlsson, Lotta Nyberg-Magnusson, music perfromance by Marble Faun.