Konst och arbete, del II

Zandra Ahl, Yngve Baum, Jens S Jensen, Anders Lindgren & Staffan Hjalmarsson, Emma Kihl and Ingela Johansson & Nina Svensson

Art and Work part II

Art and Work is a group exhibition in two parts, that are shown after each other. While the first part contained works by artists that in one way or the other have been inspired by the extra jobs one is forced to do in order to financially survive as an artist.  This part II encompasses works of art by artists who have approached and conducted any kind of art project about or at a work place that is not their own.

The idea with making a larger group exhibition that spans over more that one exhibition period is on one hand to be able to juxtaposition the two differente relations to work, hoping to stimulate and encourage the gallery visitors to comparisons and discussions, and on the other hand to give the art work the space and time to exist on their own.  

The work was selected through an open call and the curatorial team consisted of Galleri Box board members Anna Bonnevier, Kalle Brolin, Gustav Lejelind, Sarah Schmidt, and Hendrik Zeitler. As well as graphic designer Stina Smith who designed the catalogue.