Chinar Shah, Leslie Johnson & Smriti Mehra

A group exhibition organised by the three artist/curators; Leslie Johnson (Sweden), Chinar Shah and Smriti Mehra (India). 

All are artists, curators and educators and in the capacity of educators have developed, organized curated student exhibitions.  Leslie Johnson have worked for 20 years within the framework of art education broadening opportunities for students to exhibit internationally by applying for EU, SI and other grants and realizing student exhibitions in Moscow, San Francisco, Glasgow, Helsinki etc. In that capacity she has also recommended artists students and staff for numerous opportunities.

Smriti Mehra and Chinar Shah also curate student exhibitions. Smriti Mehra and Leslie Johnson produced a video projection event in Bangalore. Chinar Shah has worked with an apartment gallery in her home in Bangalore India since 2015 as well as in other cities.